The 2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales & Marketing

Key Trends, Needs, and Tools for Management and Business Operations

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"Most software guides are glorified catalogues. The Trends and Tools Guide does its homework. Whether you're hustling on zero budget or leading a Fortune 500 sales force, the secret to 10X productivity is inside this book."
Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt

Cardone University and GCTV

"The Trends and Tech Guide is a great resource for leaders who are facing a wide landscape of options when it comes to choosing the right technologies for their teams. Succinctly captures the most important needs facing B2B business leaders, then offers a clear path to the solutions and technologies to stay ahead of the curve."

The Global Inside Sales Association

"Sales tools must be viewed as a means to an end; to support sales processes that help sales professionals close more deals at a faster rate. Rather than overwhelm you, the 2017-18 Trends and Tools Guide empowers you to make conscious choices for balancing automation with true personalization at each stage of your sales process."
Marylou Tyler

Best-Selling Author of Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting

"You won’t find a better round up of key, actionable information with insights that will help you make better decisions on what and where to invest. This eBook by Ambition, Prezi, and LeadGenius is a fantastic collection of the top trends and technologies impacting sales and marketing today."
John Barrows

jbarrows, LLC.

"The folks at Ambition, LeadGenius and Prezi have compiled a thoughtfully organized overview of the most significant B2B sales trends for 2017 (most of which I discuss with my guests everyday on my podcast). The real gold nugget here is the carefully curated listing of the sales technologies that sellers can use to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving sales environment. Check it out."
Andy Paul


"There's no shortage of people sharing the latest B2B sales and marketing tools, tips and trends. As great as that is, it’s not worth much if you don't know how to execute on them. This eBook is an incredible resource that identifies the primary catalysts impacting business teams, and pairs each trend with the exact tech you'll need to create an action plan."
James Carbary

Huffington Post & B2B Growth Show

"The Total Trends & Tech Guide offers a great snapshot into major shifts happening in B2B marketing and sales world. These are must-read trends changing the way we work."
Conrad Wadowski

"The biggest trend for sales professionals in 2017 and FOREVER is personalisation. Doing this at scale is something that no-one has yet managed to crack. However Chapter 6 will get you as close as is humanly possible right now."
Will Barron

The Salesman Podcast

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In this ebook...

This field guide covers the most pressing trends and needs impacting B2B sales and marketing in 2017 and beyond.

Ideal for leaders in B2B sales, marketing, customer and technical support, operations, and data analytics, this eBook also contains valuable insights into what’s happening in various industries, what emerging technologies are rapidly gaining popularity, and how you can use innovative platforms to extend the power of your people and products.

The chapters in this eBook are one page apiece. Each explains a trend, identifies the needs driving that trend, and finally, lists the technology solutions available to meet those needs.

The 111 platforms reviewed here span every budget size, and serve a variety of job functions and seniority levels. Each technology listed includes pricing information and an original analysis of the product’s features and functionality.

  • CHAPTER 1. Managing Millennials
  • CHAPTER 2. ABM & Sales Strategies Come of Age
  • CHAPTER 3. The New CMO
  • CHAPTER 4. The Segmented Sales Force
  • CHAPTER 5. Customer Experience: A Unifying Force 
  • CHAPTER 6. Personalized Everything
  • CHAPTER 7. The Consolidated Technology Stack
  • CHAPTER 8. Data: The Currency of the Trust.
  • CHAPTER 9. Machine Learning & Predictive 
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William Wickey

Content and Media Strategy, LeadGenius

Jared Houghton

Chief Sales Officer, Ambition

Brian Trautschold

Chief Operations Officer, Ambition

Jeremy Boudinet

Director of Marketing, Ambition

Adam Wooley

Director of B2B Marketing, Prezi

Chelsi Nakano

B2B Content Strategy & Development, Prezi

Bogdan Zlatkov

Content Marketing Manager, Prezi

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